Mary Magdalene in the Cave| Caravaggio
Mary Magdalene in the Cave| Caravaggio | 1876 | Small 24" X 20"
Mary Magdalene in the Cave| Caravaggio | 1876 | Small 24" X 20"
Mary Magdalene in the Cave| Caravaggio | 1876 | Small 24" X 20"
Mary Magdalene in the Cave| Caravaggio | 1876 | Small 24" X 20"

Mary Magdalene in the Cave| Caravaggio | 1876 | Small 24" X 20"

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*Your order will be shipped only Oil Painting on Canvas rolled in a safe round Mail TubePlease be noted it is not coming with frame.
** Item will be delivered to the shipping address in 3 weeks since hand-painted ordered item needs to be completed for 2 weeks. Please be advised this turnaround schedule!!

How you get the Hand-Drawn Painting 
-From order to deliver

✔️ Order Placed

✔️ Reproduction Artist drawing and Finishing

✔️ Clean-Up the painting

✔️ Cover the painting with Safe Film

✔️ Roll the painting with the safe file

✔️Pack the roll of the painting into the Mailing Tube


Your order is hand-painted on canvas artwork , not a printed. it is wrapped in a film to prevent damage to the painting and placed in a round mail tube. We ship this tube to you. So, you will receive a hand-painted painting in the canvas that is unlikely to be damaged. Of course, the work of art will be nearly identical to the original masterpiece.
Once you receive the paintings, you go to a nearby picture frame shop, make a picture frame that matches the atmosphere of the interior and hang it on the wall, and you will have a work that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Caravaggio's Masterpiece
which reproduced with oil painting on high-quality canvas. 
An experienced artist has invested more than two weeks of time to recreate this artwork by Caravaggio that will adorn your home or office.

Background :

Caravaggio :

He won the prestigious Prix de Rome in 1861. Between 1855 and 1898, he exhibited 72 portraits in the Paris Salon. Many of his paintings are single figures of beautiful women. Among his best portraits were those of M. L. Reynaud and the Prince Imperial (1874).[3] In 1891, he became a member of the French Académie des Beaux-Arts.

He was professor at the Académie Julian in Paris.[4] Lefebvre is chiefly important as an excellent and sympathetic teacher who numbered many Americans among his 1500 or more pupils. Among his famous students were Fernand Khnopff, Kenyon Cox,[3] Félix Vallotton, Ernst Friedrich von Liphart,[5] Georges Rochegrosse,[6] the Scottish-born landscape painter William Hart, Walter Lofthouse Dean, and Edmund C. Tarbell, who became an American Impressionist painter.[7] Another pupil was the miniaturist Alice Beckington.[8] Jules Benoit-Lévy entered his workshop at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts.[9]

Lefebvre died in Paris on 24 February 1911 and was buried in the Montmartre Cemetery with a bas-relief depiction of his painting La Vérité on his grave.

*All drawings drawn from the original paintings are hand-drawn by the reproduction artist on canvas. Therefore, it cannot be 100% equivalent to the original artwork. If you want a 100% identical picture, it is correct to look for the one printed on the printer, not the one drawn. Please be mindful of this and make sure there are no mistakes in your order.