The abduction of psyche -classic painting
The Abduction of Psyche | William Adolphe Bouguereau | 1879 | Small 24" X 20"
The Abduction of Psyche | William Adolphe Bouguereau | 1879 | Small 24" X 20"
The Abduction of Psyche | William Adolphe Bouguereau | 1879 | Small 24" X 20"
The Abduction of Psyche | William Adolphe Bouguereau | 1879 | Small 24" X 20"

The Abduction of Psyche | William Adolphe Bouguereau | 1879 | Small 24" X 20"

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How you get the Hand-Drawn Painting 
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Your order is hand-painted on canvas artwork , not a printed. it is wrapped in a film to prevent damage to the painting and placed in a round mail tube. We ship this tube to you. So, you will receive a hand-painted painting in the canvas that is unlikely to be damaged. Of course, the work of art will be nearly identical to the original masterpiece.
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William Adolphe Bouguereau's Masterpiece
which reproduced with oil painting on high-quality canvas. 
An experienced artist has invested more than two weeks of time to recreate this artwork by Bouguereau that will adorn your home or office.

Background : Psyche was the youngest daughter of a Greek king and queen, with two beautiful elder sisters. Her beauty surpassed that of her sisters and people, including priests, compared her to Aphrodite (referred to as Venus in The Golden Ass),[4] the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Many went to the extent of saying that she was even fairer than the goddess. In other iterations, she is not compared to Aphrodite but mistaken for her.

When Aphrodite's temples were deserted because people started worshiping Psyche, the goddess was outraged a mortal was being worshiped over her. As a punishment, she sent her son, Eros, to make Psyche fall in love with a vile and hideous person. However, Eros fell in love when he saw Psyche and decided to spare her from his mother's wrath.

Both of her elder sisters were jealous of her beauty. Her sisters eventually married kings and left to be with their husbands. Nobody asked for Psyche's hand for marriage; men would rather admire her beauty. She was left alone because of how beautiful she was.[5] Desperate, her father decided to consult the Oracle of Delphi at the Temple of Apollo for answers.

William Adolphe Bouereau  : 
(French pronunciation: ​[wiljam adɔlf buɡ(ə)ʁo]; 30 November 1825 – 19 August 1905) was a French academic painter. In his realistic genre paintings he used mythological themes, making modern interpretations of classical subjects, with an emphasis on the female human body.[1] During his life, he enjoyed significant popularity in France and the United States, was given numerous official honors, and received top prices for his work.[2] As the quintessential salon painter of his generation, he was reviled by the Impressionist avant-garde.[2] By the early twentieth century, Bouguereau and his art fell out of favor with the public, due in part to changing tastes.[2] In the 1980s, a revival of interest in figure painting led to a rediscovery of Bouguereau and his work.[2] Throughout the course of his life, Bouguereau executed 822 known finished paintings, although the whereabouts of many are still unknown.[3]

*All drawings drawn from the original paintings are hand-drawn by the reproduction artist on canvas. Therefore, it cannot be 100% equivalent to the original artwork. If you want a 100% identical picture, it is correct to look for the one printed on the printer, not the one drawn. Please be mindful of this and make sure there are no mistakes in your order.